Sim Wine Phu Quoc

The tomentose rose myrtle fruit is a special one which is present throughout Vietnam, but in Phu Quoc it is ai???sublimatedai??? into a special alcohol with fascinating violet.

Sim fruits
Sim fruits
Sim flower
Sim flower

Tomentose rose myrtle alcohol is considered as a Phuquocai??i??s speciality thank to its specially good smell and nice taste. Made of tomentose rose myrtle fruits and mostly produced by a manually fermented method. This alcohol has a very beautiful clear yellow-turned violet color and the typical smell of tomentose rose myrtle fruits. It tastes delicately sweet mingled with acrid. The alcohol is good for digestion and can treat some aches and pains of old people.In island district Phu Quoc, there are now relatively many tomentose rose myrtle hills within protective forest area of Ham Ninh, Duong To comune, and Duong mouth.

Bay Gao Sim Wine
Bay Gao Sim Wine

Tomentose rose myrtle blossoms and fruits almost all year round, but, according to the experience of alcohol producers, the spring crop offers the best quality fruits with a lot of honey ai??i?? the best material for good, there are some brands of this alcohol which were passed the quality test of the Stateai??i??s medical organizations such as: ai??? Ruou Sim Rungai??? (Tomentose rose myrtle alcohol) and ai???Mat Sim Rungai??? (Tomentose rose myrtle honey) with the beautiful packing. They are the products of Vuon Tao Phu Quoc, developed by Mr. Trinh Cong Phat in accordance with the wine production can observe, take a look at it at

The first producer as well as 124 Apr 30 077.3847374.
VUON TAO Restaurant:
Another producer with his special Cua Lap hamlet. Duy To 077.384 7008.

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